Soil Asakusa, Japanese tableware shop

Soil ASAKUSA is located between Asakusa and Kappabashi kitchen street in Tokyo. We have Japanese handmade pottery such as Mashiko-yaki (Tochigi), Koishiwara-yaki (Fukuoka), Yachimun (Okinawa) and Hasami-yaki (pottery/porcelain, Nagasaki) and also handmade cotton items, bamboo crafts etc.

These are not luxury items to enjoy watching, but everyday items to use in your daily life. We have used these items in our daily lives to understand it is really easy to use and hard to break (not fragile) etc. before we select the items as handling in our shop.

Each item what we have is hand-made by skilled craftsmen all over Japan. Their thoughtful works make you feel relaxed, and I’m sure it should bring a little happiness in your daily life! We would be happy if Soil ASAKUSA could help you with that.