Soil Asakusa shop informaiton (Asakusa / Kappabashi, Tokyo)

Soil ASAKUSA, Japanese handmade tableware shop

2-25-8 2F, Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0035, JAPAN
*1F is shizukaII. (Dining & JAZZ Bar)

TEL: +81-3-5246-3852
Open: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Close: Wednesday

Access (walking from each station)

🐾 3 min. from “TX Asakusa Station”, Tsukuba Express line
🐾 7 min. from “Tawaramachi Station” , Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
🐾 12 min. from “Asakusa Station”, Tobu Isesaki Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line
🐾 15 min. from “Iriya Station”, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
🐾 20 min. from “Ueno Stations”, JR Line, Tokyo Metro

Access from TX Asakusa Station, Tsukuba Express

1. When you arrive at TX Asakusa Station, head to exit A2.

There are two exits: A1 and A2. In terms of distance, it does not change much from exit A1, but if you are not good at looking at the map, I recommend you to head towards exit A2.

2. Scenery from exit A2

The main street in front of you is “Kokusei-dori(street)”.
Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon(Gate), Nakamise-dori (Street) etc. are located in the area crossing Kokusai-dori.

Just to the right of exit A2, you can see the building of ‘ASAKUSA IMAHAN’ (Sukiyaki restaurant).

On the left side of exit A2, you can see “Asakusa View Hotel” and “Hotel Keihan Asakusa” a little far away.

3. Go right from exit A2

Continue along ‘ASAKUSA IMAHAN’ just to the right of exit A2.

You can see the signboards of “KAPPABASHI” and “Kappabashi Hondori St.” around ‘ASAKUSA IMAHAN’.

* Crossing Kokusai-dori, you can see TOKYO SKYTREE, Don Quixote, etc.

4. Go down Kappabashi Hon-dori Street

Follow the arrows ➡ on Kappabashi Hon-dori Street. TOKYO SKYTREE is on the back side.

5. Scenery of Kappabashi Hon-dori street

You can see “Ministop” on the left side of the street and “Dozeu Iidaya” signs on the right side.

If you go on the right side of the street, you will pass the Kappa statue of Asakusa Kappa Village in front of “Kisoba Kuzuya”.

Proceed to the intersection with the first traffic light.

6. Arrival at the shop

Soil ASAKUSA is on the 2nd floor of the building on the left side of the intersection with the first traffic light, and the 1st floor is “shizukaII. (Dining & JAZZ Bar)”.

“Vegan Store” is the next building.

When you cross the intersection, you will be tempted by delicious smell of Karaage shop…

★Next intersection is crossing Kappabashi Dougu Street. “Union” which deals with coffee beans and utensils of both corners is a landmark. If you pass by, please return to the previous intersection.