【Arrival】Koishiwara-yaki OnimaruToyokigama

Variety of plates, bowls, cups by Koishiwara-yaki OnimaruToyokigama are BACK IN STOCK. We are lined up in the brick and mortar shop in Asakusa from today, so please take a look.

I’m afraid but we don’t deal with all Items of OnimaruToyokigama in Soil ASAKUSA online shop (brick and mortar shop sales only). Please feel free to contact us via Email if you are interested in this pottery.

E-MAIL: shop@soil-asakusa.jp
(Open: 11:00-19:00 *Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

OnimaruToyokigama Rice bowl (brush marks/ Tobikanna)

OnimaruToyokigama Mug, Demita, Mini cups
OnimaruToyokigama Plate 24cm, 21cm, 15cm
OnimaruToyokigama Bowl 18cm, 15cm, 12cm